TP Organics’ member Technology Platform of Organic Agriculture Extremadura (PTAEEx), an Operational Group belonging to the European Innovation Partnership on Agricultural Productivity & Sustainability (EIP-AGRI), aims to group the entire value chain of organic farming into a regional technological platform promoting cooperation between agents and interested parties in the science-technology-company system of the sector. The aim of PTAEEx is to contribute to the improvement of the sustainability and productive efficiency, orienting the technical-scientific policies towards ecological agriculture and livestock.

One of the obtained results is the elaboration of a Research & Innovation Agenda, which identifies the main priorities and challenges of the sector with the objective of reaching a sustainable organic sector and its optimal development in the region of Extremadura. The bottom-up, collaborative elaboration process involved working groups and workshops, the collection of research data, as well as personal interviews across 5 working areas:

  1. Agricultural production;
  2. Livestock production;
  3. Elaboration and transformation;
  4. Commercialisation and consumption; and
  5. Food and health.

19 specific objectives, 56 action lines, and 90 challenges have been identified, from diversifying farmers’ profiles and cultivated products to educating society, raising awareness about the benefits and goodness of organic and developing strategies and channels adapted to organic production. 

Maria Gernert