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23 Dec 2022

The European Commission finally approved, on 13 December, all the 28 national CAP Strategic Plans. Their implementation will start as of 1 January 2023 and they will run until 31 December 2027. As already mentioned in its last assessment (March 2022), IFOAM Organics Europe opinion is that most of all the CAP national Strategic Plans have set insufficient national targets of organic farmland to contribute to the EU’s overall target of 25% agricultural organic land by 2030. Moreover, the budget is too low to boost organic farming and incentivize conventional farmers to convert to organic. Information about which targets and budgets should have been set up at Member State level to reach the EU’s 25% target in 2030 is available in the IFOAM EU study Prospects & developments for organic in national CAP Strategic Plans (June 2021). A thorough assessment of the final 28 CAP Strategic Plans will be released in April 2023, as part of the Horizon Europe project OrganicTargets4EU that IFOAM EU leading.

Source: IFOAM Organics Europe