Data inizio
04 Apr 2023

Harnessing research to speed up the agroecological transition aligns with the objectives of the European Green Deal and addresses the strong demand from public authorities, stakeholders and society at both the national and European levels. For more than two years, over 144 experts investigated possible ways to eliminate pesticides from agriculture on a European scale for the “European Pesticide-Free Agriculture in 2050” foresight study. The three scenarios that were explored to promote changes in the agricultural and food system were presented during a symposium to discuss the findings. Some 1,4200 participants of 64 different nationalities attended the conference on Tuesday 21 March in Paris, where remarks were heard from various French and European stakeholders in the fields of agriculture, regulation and policymaking, environment, and food. This groundbreaking attempt to weave together a larger narrative was bolstered by measured impacts on European food sovereignty and the environment for each scenario. Possible pathways forward are given for each scenario for the European and regional transition of the entire food system based on participatory workshops conducted in four regions in Italy, Romania, Finland and France.

The study can be downloaded HERE 

Source: INRAE