Data inizio
17 Jun 2024

FiBL and Agroscope have conducted the project Recycle4Bio since 2018. A new video shows the first results of a seven-year field trial in which the effect of various organic fertilisers on climate, yields and soil biology was investigated.

Organic farming relies on the supply of nutrients from organic fertilisers. Traditionally, farmyard manure from animal husbandry is used, either as manure or slurry. However, a large proportion of this farmyard manure is now used in combination with other biomass in biogas plants to produce renewable energy. The nutrients are then returned to the fields in the form of digested slurry or manure and liquid or solid digestate. The project Recycle4Bio wants to answer the question of how the anaerobic digestion of organic fertilisers affects yields, the climate and, in the long term, soil fertility.

In the video, Else Bünemann-König and Lucilla Agostini from FiBL present the first results of the field trial carried out in the project (2018 to 2024). The overall evaluation is currently being made. The results are expected in 2025.

The video is available in German with English subtitles at this LINK.

Source: FIBL