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13 Jan 2023

The BIOFRUITNET e-learning courses will take place until 31st March 2023. They are divided into three main e-courses: organic pome fruit, organic stone fruit and organic citrus fruit, which are not linked between them, and participants are free to take part in one, two or all the e-courses.

Each e-course is structured entirely by ‘Module’ sections, which include video lectures or presentations with audio, slide show presentations and complementary material, composed of practice abstracts, audiovisual materials, and a self-assessment quiz called “check your understanding” to check the participant’s understanding.

Moreover, the e-course will be updated with all relevant and available complementary materials, such as website visits and reading (reports, scientific papers, etc.) proposed by lecturers or participants. The e-course will end with a final quiz; a grade of 80% is required for a certificate of course completion.

Moreover, each e-course includes a live forum animated by a moderator from 27/12/22 to 31/03/23, where participants can interact between them and ask questions.

Registration is required to get a credential for the platform.

Click here  for registration.

Source: BioFruitNet