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27 Sep 2023

The Spanish Minisry of Agriculture Luis Planas participated, through a video, in the inauguration of the European Congress of Organic Production that is being held in Cordoba, within the framework of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, until September 28. The event was organized by the Ecovalia association and the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), with the collaboration of the ministry, and focused on sustainable, innovative, and organic food systems.

The Minister introduced Spain is a key actor in complying with the agricultural dimension of the European Green Deal and, in particular, in achieving the goal of devoting 25% of the agricultural area to organic production by 2030.

After growing again in 2022, the organic surface is already close to 2.7 million hectares, with an increase of +1.5%, to a total of 2,675,331 hectares, equivalent to 11% of the country's useful agricultural area. Spain is one of the top 10 organic producers by area, both in the EU and in the world.

According to the ministry's report, which compiles data from the autonomous communities, Andalusia is the community that dedicates the most hectares to organic agriculture (47.33% of the national total), followed by Castilla-La Mancha (15.42%), and Catalonia (9.60%).

Most notably, the area devoted to the organic production of tropical bananas and fruit trees has increased by 15%, to industrial crops and nuts by 10% (each), and to green harvesting plants for animal feed by 9%.

The CAP's Eco-schemes, another example of sustainability

During the inauguration of the congress, Luis Planas highlighted the importance of eco-regimes as another example of sustainability. These practices are one of the great novelties of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) that has begun to be applied this year, the minister stated. Three out of four farmers have implemented eco-regimes in more than 19 million hectares, which accounts for 87% of the national area declared in total.

It is an effort for sustainability that is not easy to carry out, as it increases costs and is subject to strict community regulations, he added. However, Planas said, "Organic agriculture and food production will always have a place in the Government of Spain's actions and its Presidency of the European Union, which it currently assumes."

The document on Spanish 2022 data on organic farming can be downloaded HERE

Source: Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca e Alimentacion