Organic Farm Knowledge: Winter field peas as green manure before maize

On arable farms without livestock, nitrogen insufficiency can occur when cultivating nutrient demanding crops like maize. This can lead to yield losses and weed infestation. Use a green manure of winter field peas before growing crops that have a high nitrogen demand in the rotation.  Ploughing in winter field peas in spring can provide more than 100 kg of nitrogen to the following crop and increase yield. The improved development of the crop also leads to improved weed control.

Nitrogen efficiency of organic fertilisers

Project RELACS – Improving inputs for organic farming. A high share of the nitrogen (N) in recycled and other organic fertilisers is not in a form available to plants and needs to be mineralized before plant uptake. This makes the effect on yields less predictable.

Evaluating recycled fertilisers regarding their nitrogen efficiency compared to mineral fertilisers can help estimate the amount of N they supply to the plants and, therefore, their effect on yields.