Apple scab (Venturia inaequalis): Control strategy for organic pome production

Apple scab is the primary fungal disease in apple cultivation affecting entire harvests as well as the following year's production. The damage can occur both in the plant and during storage. In organic farming, scab control is mostly carried out using precautionary measures. Plant protection products are used for direct control before the onset of rain and during spore germination as "scab stop".

“How Tillage and Crop Rotation Change the Distribution Pattern of Fungi”

Massive sequencing of fungal communities showed that climatic factors, followed by edaphic and spatial variables, are feasible predictors of fungal richness and community composition. This study, based on a long-term field experiment with tillage and no-tillage management since 1995 and with a crop rotation introduced in 2009, confirmed that tillage practices shape soil properties and impact soil fungal communities.