Data inizio
29 Jan 2021

The latest Eurostat data show that the growth of the area cultivated with the organic farming method in Europe in recent years has achieved excellent results. In fact, the total area under organic farming in 2019 recorded 13.8 million hectares, corresponding to 8.5% of the total agricultural area, an increase of 46% since 2012.

The European average of the total agricultural area under organic farming is thus 8.5%, reaching considerable peaks in some countries. Among EU Member States, says Eurostat, the countries with the highest shares of organic land in 2019 are Austria (with 25.3% of the total agricultural area), Estonia (22.3%) and Sweden (20.4%), followed by Italy (15.8%), Czech Republic (15.2%), Latvia (14.8%) and Finland (13.5%).

All the remaining EU states have a share of organic farming area equal or lower than 11%. The lowest percentages are in the Netherlands (3.7%), Poland (3.5%), Romania (2.9%), Bulgaria (2.3%), Ireland (1.6%) and Malta (0.5%).

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Source: Eurostat