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An international workshop in Spain: "Potentialities and challenges of breeding for the vegetable organic systems"

The Italian CREA (Council for the Research in Agriculture and Analysis of Agrarian Economy), along with the University of Catania, takes part to the international workshop organized by the University of Almeria on “Potentialities and challenges of breeding for the vegetable organic systems” next 28 November. To overcome the derogation regime that allows organic farmers to use untreated seeds produced under conventional farming, it is crucial to develop varieties adapted to organic farming and produce their seeds under organic conditions.


COP: last meeting agenda and report.

The last COP (Committee On Organic Production) meeting was held in Brussels on 12 and 13 September. The following are the agenda and the meeting report:  

Agenda COP 12-13 settembre 2019

Summary record COP 12-13 settembre 2019


Source: UE


IFOAM EU: a new position paper on vegetative propagation material

After several months of discussion, IFOAM EU adopted a position paper on Plant Reproductive Material in the new Organic Regulation (EU) 2018/848. This paper highlights the areas of the basic text of the new Organic Regulation that require more attention and possible actions by the Commission. And action is indeed needed on several fronts.


Committe On Organic Production: the next meeting Agenda


COP (Committe On Organic Production) members will  gather in  Brussels on 9 and 10 July.  

The Agenda can be consulted here:  Agenda COP 9 - 10 July 2019


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The Mipaaft note on the last COP meeting (5-6 March)

We publish the note No 18256 of 13 March 2019 on the results of both the last Committee on Organic Production (COP) and EGTOP meeting held in Brussels last 5-6 March 2019. 

Note No 18256 of 13 March 2019 (in Italian)

Source: Mipaaft


COP, 5 and 6 June 2018: the Mipaaf note

We publish the Mipaaf note No 50302 of 9 July 2018  about the last COP-Committe on Organic Production" held in Brussels on 5 and 6 June 2018” (whose agenda can be found HERE).

Following the Committee rules, not all the annexes are published.


Note No 50302 of 9 July 2018

Annex 1 A


FiBL opens its new headquarters in Brussels

The leading research institute in organic agriculture, FiBL, inaugurated its new office in Brussels. It builds a bridge between FiBL’s sound scientific knowledge on organic farming and the policy-making processes taking place in Brussels, including the many different representatives and stakeholders present in the European capital.


Seeds and vegetative propagating material: a Ministerial Decree

The Italian Official Gazette of 24 April 2017 published a new Ministerial Decree on "Establishment of a computerized database of seeds and vegetative propagation material obtained through the organic method and provisions for the use of seeds or vegetative propagating material not obtained through the organic production method".

The decree refers to the establishment of a computerized database of seeds and vegetative propagating material obtained through the use of the organic method and provisions on the the system of derogations.

Abbonamento a vegetative propagating material