Pre - Announcement of the CORE Organic call 2016

The Pre-announcement of the CORE Organic 2016 call is now available a the following LINK.


SANA 2016: rendez-vous at the Mipaaf stand

SANA: Mipaaf, the Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies will be present with its own stand, where planned conferences, meetings and workshops on organic agriculture will take place all through the fair opening days, from 9 to 12 September. Among the events, different workshops will be organized  in cooperation with CREA (Council for Research in Agriculture and Analysis of Agrarian Economy) aimed at sharing and inform about issues on organic addressed by the Italian scientists.


Università della Tuscia (Viterbo): searching for alternatives to copper use in organic farming

The University cares about organic agriculture: an educational exhibition day was organized last 8 July  by the Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry (DAFNE) of “La Tuscia” University in Viterbo, in cooperation with the didactic-experimental farm 'Nello Lupori'.


Danish researchers develop an insect-dropping "eco-drone" for use in organic farming

A device that can disperse ladybirds and predatory mites over organic crops to gobble up aphids and other pests. A group of researchers is working at the issue, with the aim to make organic farming easier and reduce the amount of crops lost to pest damage, ultimately bringing down prices for consumers.


COST Action BioGreenhouse project closing down

It has come to an end the project “COST Action BioGreenhouse”, which involved several European representatives, including the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (CIHEAM) and CREA. It was dedicated to horticultural crops in greenhouses and to the improvement of their sustainability, production and productivity.


USA: organic agriculture pushes innovation in Agricultural Science

Because organic production cannot use synthetic chemicals to control agricultural pests, researchers must think outside the box to develop organic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly methods for overcoming these challenges.  One successful example of organic pushing agricultural innovation is research that just came out of New Mexico State University, providing an eco-friendly alternative to conventional pesticides.  Professor Geoffrey Smith led a team of researchers who found a mixture of essential oils from common desert plants that can protect crops from fungus, bacteria, nematodes, and


An Italian Strategic Plan for organic agriculture

On 23 March, the State-Regions Conference approved the National Strategic Plan for organic agriculture. The plan, the result of an activity carried out by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture (MIpaaf) along with all the sector players, includes a set of 10 actions (a summary in English HERE) promote the growth of the sector to be reached by 2020.


Research: now available the documents of the conference on organic farming organized by CREA

"Research for organic and biodynamic farming: an overview" was the title of a two-days workshop organized by CREA - the Italian Council for Research and Analysis of Agrarian Economy,  which saw the participation of most of the Italian institutions and researchers involved in the sector.



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