Research and experimentation

BIOFOSF: updates on the results of the Mipaaf-Crea project

The project BIOFOSF - Tools for the resolution of the "phosphite" emergency in organic fruit and vegetables – has been carried out for  two years now, and its scientific activity had as main objective to understand whether the phosphite residues detected in some occasions in organic fruit and vegetable products may have a natural or drift origin , or if they derive from an illicit use of phosphite / phosetyl-aluminum products.


Rodale Institute: organic farming is more resistant to drought

Since 1981, the Rodale Institute, the oldest research institute on organic agriculture in the United States, conducted a great deal of experimentation in the context of farming systems, comparing organic, conventional and, in recent  years, GMO farming, collecting data on yields, economic parameters, nutrition, soil health and energy. Foundation of organic farming is not only the absence of the use of toxic chemicals in food production, it is also the active soil management.


19th IFOAM Organic World Congress: call for papers now open

The 19th edition of the  Organic World Congress (OWC) taking place from 09 -11 November 2017 in New Delhi, India now opens its Call for Papers.

Every three years sector stakeholders come together at the OWC, the world’s largest and most significant organic gathering, to discuss and deliberate the issues of the day.

The 19th OWC is structured in four conference tracks: Main Track, Farmers' Track, Scientific Track, and Marketing Track.

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