organic legislation

Philippines: amendments to organic legislation regarding certification

The organic sector is in the Philippines regulated by the Republic Act 10068 approved in 2010. The law has supported the growing of organic agriculture in the country. However, its section 17 only allows third party certification to be labelled as “organic”. This presents very high, unsustainable costs for small producers in the country.


Ukraine: new rules for organic farming

With the adoption of the law on "Basic Principles and Requirements for Production, Circulation and Labelling of Organic Products", Ukraine has introduced a clear state control mechanism to monitor the activities of organic operators and certification bodies. Among other things, the new legislation has established the consequences of the law violations, whose compliance will be implemented through both planned and unplanned controls.


India: a new policy to boost organic food exports

India is creating its own organic products policy with clearly defined safety standards, traceability norms, soil certification guidelines and good agricultural practices. The aim of the new policy is to boost exports of agricultural products and processed food from the country.

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