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OK-Net Ecofeed project: whey for fattening organic pigs

OK-Net Ecofeed has published a new sheet, useful for pig farmers, regarding the use of whey for fattening organic pigs. EU regulations indicate that organic agriculture will be obliged to provide feed derived from 100% organic origin by 2021. To assure the sustainability of the feed supply, the regional feeds and raw materials shall be preferred. It is necessary to look for mutually beneficial collaborations with the organic sector stakeholders, such as the food industry.


Organic soybeans reduce the risks associated with glyphosate use

According to a new study in the journal Foods, conventional farmers are now using twice as much glyphosate spray as they did in the late 1990s when the GM crops became popular, largely because weeds have been developing resistance to glyphosate over time. As a result, residues of glyphosate in crop plant tissue are also increasing.

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