Woody vegetation increases on-farm biodiversity and reduces pest damage

Natural habitat like woods and natural grasslands are known to support more insect and wildlife biodiversity than agriculturally intensive landscapes, but not all insects and wildlife such as birds are welcomed by farmers, and natural habitat near farms can cause fear of crop losses due to their potential to atract pests.


Effects of Field and Landscape Scale Habitat on Insect and Bird Damage to Sunflowers

Agriculture-dominated landscapes harbor significantly diminished biodiversity. Woody vegetation along field margins can provide farmers with ecosystem services and benefit biodiversity. However, when crops are damaged by the biodiversity harbored in such vegetation, farmers are reluctant to incorporate field margin habitat onto their land and may even actively remove such habitats.

OK-Net Ecofeed project: feeding insects for organic layers

Feeding of insects offers new possibilities to overcome the protein gap in organic farming. This is what the UE OK-Net EcoFeed project presents through a video (which can be seen at this LINK) .

Abbonamento a insects