MedForum2018 “Research and Innovation: Tools for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security”

After the success of the 1st edition of Montpellier in 2016, CIHEAM organized the 2nd edition of the Mediterranean initiative for PhD students and young researchers (MedForum2018) at CIHEAM Bari (Italy) from 18 to 20 September 2018.

"Organic Innovation Days 2020" next November in Brussels

TP Organics announces the Organic Innovation Days 2020, the annual event that brings together important and diverse actors of the organic food and farming movement. Mark the 24th and 25th of November 2020 in your calendar and prepare for two important days in Brussels. Registration will open in July.


Applications Wanted: The Organic Farming Innovation Award!

You could be eligible to win the 2020 Organic Farming Innovation Award (OFIA)! OFIA is awarded to outstanding organic innovators. One Grand Prize and one Science Prize winner will be selected based on the criteria of impact potential, applicability, innovativeness, and relevance. Submit an online application (it can be downloaded HERE) by April 1, 2020!


Organic Innovation Days 2019: now available the speaker’s presentations on research & innovation to transform our food systems

What are the research priorities and needs of the organic sector in the EU? How can we transition our food and farming sector with the help of organic and agroecological principles? What is the role of young organic farmers in the sustainability of food production? What are inspiring and innovative ideas for rural development? How can we overcome challenges with the use of innovations and technologies? How can we optimise communication and dissemination in innovation projects? 


France: a leadership for new organic products

Frédéric Bianchi, journalist of the online magazine BFM TV, reveals that France has apparently the will to  become the leading organic country in Europe and the world. A study conducted by the firm Mintel reveals that today France is leading the ranking of the launch of the highest number of organic food novelties. Between August 2018 and July 2019, the share of new organic products launched in France has in fact  reached 22%, which makes the country the main innovator in this field, ahead of Germany (20%) and far ahead of Spain (9 %).


Organic World Congress 2020: only a month to register as a speaker

The next Organic World Congress (# OWC2020) will be held in Rennes, France, from 21 to 27 September 2020. More than 2,000 participants are expected in what is foreseen to be a unique opportunity to meet, discuss and promote the sector. All interested parties (producers, distributors, researchers and international representatives) are invited to contribute to one or more of the six conference forums that make up the # OWC2020 program. The Forums are the following:


TUTTO BIO: the new 2018 edition

The new 2018 edition of "Tutto Bio", the Bio Bank historical publication, at its 24th edition, is now in the shops. In all these years the Bio Bank mission has always remained the same: to collect, organize and process information on the various “organic” activities in Italy, contributing to a shared description of reality.


COST Action BioGreenhouse project closing down

It has come to an end the project “COST Action BioGreenhouse”, which involved several European representatives, including the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (CIHEAM) and CREA. It was dedicated to horticultural crops in greenhouses and to the improvement of their sustainability, production and productivity.


USA: organic agriculture pushes innovation in Agricultural Science

Because organic production cannot use synthetic chemicals to control agricultural pests, researchers must think outside the box to develop organic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly methods for overcoming these challenges.  One successful example of organic pushing agricultural innovation is research that just came out of New Mexico State University, providing an eco-friendly alternative to conventional pesticides.  Professor Geoffrey Smith led a team of researchers who found a mixture of essential oils from common desert plants that can protect crops from fungus, bacteria, nematodes, and

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