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A letter signed by 89 European associations to the Commission: European Green Deal needs to cut pesticides and switch to agroecology

A letter signed by 89 European associations to the Commission: European Green Deal needs to cut pesticides and switch to agroecology.

“We are writing to you as supporters of the European Citizens Initiative Save Bees and Farmers   which has been already supported by over a quarter of a million EU citizens.


EIP-AGRI workshop ‘Towards carbon neutral agriculture’ in June

Under the theme ‘Towards carbon neutral agriculture’, the European Commission and the EIP-AGRI Service Point organise a workshop, taking place on 17-18 June 2020 in Estonia. The objective of the workshop is to bring actors together, to share experiences, and to design farming systems and practices that reduce the carbon foot print of the European agricultural sector.


COVID 19 and control system: a latter from the European Commission to the Member States

We publish a letter sent by the European Commission to all Member States where the Commission announces specific measures related to the impact of COVID 19 crisis on the control system. It concerns control performed by control bodies both in the EU and in third countries, Certificate of Inspection, implementation of the guidelines for additional controls (China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Ukraine) and OFIS notification.   


EU agricultural outlook for markets and income 2019-2030

The report, elaborated by the European Commission, provides a medium-term outlook for major EU agricultural markets and agricultural income to 2030. It is based on a set of coherent macroeconomic assumptions deemed most plausible at the time of the analysis, including the continuation of current agricultural and trade policies. The analysis relies on information available at the end of September 2019 for agricultural production and on an agro-economic model used by the European Commission. An analysis is undertaken also from the organic sector.

Source: European Commission


Organic rules: the EU FAQ

We publish a EU document compiling questions and answers regarding the provisions of Regulations (EC) No 834/2007, (EC) No 889/2008 and (EC) No 1235/2008. This document is provided for information purposes only by the Commission services and is not a legally binding document. In the event of a dispute involving Union law, it is ultimately for the European Court of Justice to provide a definitive interpretation of the applicable Union Law.


EU Commission: welcome to the new rules on organic farming

On 28 June 2017 the Maltese presidency and the European Parliament reached a preliminary agreement on an overhaul of the existing EU rules on organic production and labelling of organic products.


EC: a call for the renewal of the EGTOP membership

In 2009, with the Decision 2009/427 / EC, the European Commission set up a group of experts to provide technical advice on organic production, named 'EGTOP' (Expert Group for Technical Advice on Organic Production).

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