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Core Organic II: “A tool improving health and welfare of pigs”, a handbook available in 8 languages

This handbook, developed as part of the CoreOrganic II project ProPig and published on the Organic Farm Knowledge platform, summarises the expertise of farmers, consultants, scientists and technical literature for maintaining the health of pigs. Organic pig producers face the major challenge to produce pig meat of high quality and at a moderate price based on high animal health and welfare standards.


'Organic Farm Knowledge': five new poultry-specific tools available

'Organic Farm Knowledge' partner organisation, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, FiBL, has contributed five news tools explaining many aspects of successful organic poultry farming.

These five tools from the FiBL Shop, are now available for download from the toolbox. Check them out to learn more about free-range laying hens, ways to control endoparasites and induce moulting, as well as how to raise organic broiler chickens.


EIP-AGRI: looking for Focus Group experts

EIP-AGRI, the European Innovation Partnership in productivity and sustainability in agriculture, launched by the European Commission in 2012, aims at promoting competitive and sustainable agricultural and forestry sectors to help ensure a steady supply of food, feed and biomaterials, and sustainable management of essential natural resources depending on agriculture and forestry, working in harmony with the environment.

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