The Minister of Agriculture Bellanova: "Organic strategic sector for Italian agriculture. Investments in research and innovation" (IT)


The Italian Minister of Agriculture Teresa Bellanova has taken today the floor at the B / Open Digital Edition Fair organized today by Verona Fiere, on the occasion of the event "Green Deal, the organic rush".

"The Italian organic has been able, over the years, to gain increasingly significant market space, exploiting the possibilities offered by the various distribution channels, reaching the record of 3.3 billion euros in 2019, a 4% incidence on total expenditure for agri-food. The latest SINAB (National Information System on Organic Farming) data show that agricultural areas dedicated to organic farming have also grown by 79% in the last 10 years, reaching 15.8% on the total UAA. Italy is therefore in a privileged position in the path outlined by the Green Deal, taking into account that the European average incidence of organic agriculture is 8%”.

“I also highlight the fact that Italy is first in Europe for the number of operators, with over 80,000 organic farms. In 2020 we are at the end of the Italian Strategic Plan for Organic Farming launched in 2016. Much has been done, since two objectives set in the plan have been substantially achieved: a 50% increase in the organically grown UAA between 2014 and 2020 (from 1,367,912 ha in 2014 to 1,993,236 ha in 2019) and, for the same years, an increase in the turnover of the organic market by 30%. Relevant results that should be underlined".

"My participation wants to also testify my personal commitment to support organic farming, which I believe is a sector of strategic importance for all of Italian agriculture", highlighted the Minister. "A sector, I have repeated on several occasions, which can and must make a decisive contribution to achieving the Green Deal objectives and those of the related Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies".

"Among the measures that supported the sector in recent years" - recalled Ms Bellanova - "I would like to especially mention the establishment of organic canteens for all schools of all levels, with 5 million euros allocated again in 2020, finalized to promotion and education activities but above all to lower the cost of organic meals for families". "The Ministry is  then  investing a lot research and innovation: this year the new call for research in organic agriculture has been financed with 4,200,000 euros. Among the qualifying points of the call we have included  the obligation to involve farms right from the beginning of the projects, because innovation must be readily transferable to the sector and does not have to remain in the drawers of researchers or in the ministerial archives".

Finally, during his speech Ms Bellanova recalled that "Thanks to an additional funding of 1,600,000 euros, it was possible to launch 11 new transnational projects under the European tool  ‘Core OrganicCofund’, aimed at developing more sustainable food systems from production to consumption".

Source: Mipaaf Press Office