IFOAM Organics Europe: the suggestions for the new Organic Action plan (IT)


The Commission is set to publish the next European organic action plan at the beginning of next year and has therefore launched a public consultation for stakeholders and the public to give their input on the next European organic action plan. Stakeholders can provide feedback to the public consultation via a questionnaire and by attaching a document at the end of it. Indeed, a comprehensive and well-designed organic action plan could contribute to the development of the organic sector.

For this purpose, IFOAM Organics Europe has drafted a document (available at this LINK) stating IFOAM Organic Europe’s suggestions regarding the next organic action plan.

Therefore, IFOAM invites to go ahead and reply to the public consultation (the document can be downloaded HERE) on the Commission’s website. The deadline is 27 November.

Source: IFOAM Organics Europe