ALGOA-GAOD Summit of Bio-districts: the final statement (IT)


ALGOA-Asian Local Governments for Organic Agriculture and GAOD-Global Alliance for Organic Districts summit took place online from South Korea from 12 to 16 October. The summit produced a concluding statement (you can download it at this LINK) on the occasion of World Food Day. In the press release of the meeting, aimed at building further alliances beyond Asia, and which saw the participation of 33 countries, the two bodies drew up a list of tasks to be undertaken quickly:

  • Collect and disseminate research, best practices, mindsets, and values in Organic Districts facilitating the shift into healthy, sustainable, and inclusive food systems,
  • Develop a universally accessible platform on Organic Districts enabling interactions and knowledge sharing from different stakeholders,
  • Encourage local governments and other stakeholders to make action plans to develop Organic Districts and to provide access to affordable organic, sustainable food,
  • Recognize the multi-functionality of Organic Agriculture to restore relationships in the food system and revitalize local communities through responsible production and consumption,
  • Encourage the active participation of young people in the decision-making processes and in global networking as they are the key drivers of innovation and stewards of our future,
  • Raise the awareness of the role of women in farming and food systems as they are the protectors of the land and mothers of our future generations.

Source: Portale dei Bio-distretti

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