Core Organic II: “A tool improving health and welfare of pigs”, a handbook available in 8 languages (IT)


This handbook, developed as part of the CoreOrganic II project ProPig and published on the Organic Farm Knowledge platform, summarises the expertise of farmers, consultants, scientists and technical literature for maintaining the health of pigs. Organic pig producers face the major challenge to produce pig meat of high quality and at a moderate price based on high animal health and welfare standards. To meet this challenge, farmers cannot rely on organic housing and production regulations solely, as these do not inevitably result in a good animal health and welfare status of the pigs.

As part of the CoreOrganic II project ProPig, researchers and advisors assessed animal health, welfare and environmental impact on 74 organic pig farms across eight European countries and in different housing systems, including outdoor, indoor and partly outdoor systems. Based on these assessments, improvement strategies were deve­loped together with pig farmers and compiled in this handbook. The recommendations are intended to guide farmers and advisors in developing pig management, housing, and feeding towards optimal animal health and welfare.

The handbook is currently available in several languages, including English, German, Czech, French, Italian, Dutch, Serbian and Albanian. It was also published in the EIP-AGRI newsletter in July 2020, as part of the a communications campaign on animal health and welfare.

The full handbook is available free of charges at this LINK

Source: Core Organic