‘Diversity tastes good’ - a German project to preserve ancient vegetable varieties (IT)


70 percent of the vegetables created through traditional cultivation have already disappeared. The "Vielfalt schmeckt - Diversity tastes good" initiative wants to stop this loss by growing rare and traditional varieties and selling them.

Together with regional organic operators, business partners and consumers, the non-profit organization ProSpecieRara and the companies Rinklin Naturkost and Bodan have started a project in which they are committed to preserving the ancient German vegetable varieties, starting their large-scale cultivation so to be able to put them on the market again. The project is funded by the Federal Program for Organic Agriculture and Other Forms of Sustainable Agriculture (BÖLN), with the support of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture on the basis of the German Bundestag resolution. The project will also use podcasts, recipe videos and culinary events to present the new variety of flavors and provide information on crops.

Further information at www.vielfaltschmeckt.de

Source: BÖLN


Fonte: BÖLN