“Engagement.Biobreeding Europe” project: mapping organic livestock breeding in Europe (IT)


A new survey undertaken by FIBL in the contest of the project “Engagement.Biobreeding Europe” wants to map present breeding activities in Europe to improve networking and exchange among organic breeders.

Conventional and organic livestock systems differ in terms of breeding goals and reproduction techniques. Organic breeding aims at robust animals that remain healthy and efficient producers under free-range conditions and farm-based feed. The survey is addressed to initiatives working in livestock breeding under organic conditions or targeting organic farming traits in their breeding programme. The results of this survey will be published on the “Engagement.Biobreeding” website together with the already available map of plant breeding initiatives (conducted in the scope of the LIVESEED Horizon 2020 project). This geographic mapping will provide an overview of the present breeding activities to improve networking and exchange between initiatives on a European level and to identify breeding gaps.

The activity carried out by FiBL under the “Engagement.Biobreeding Europe” project aims to create awareness on the importance and benefits of organic breeding for the organic sector at a European level and to promote novel financial concepts based on value chain partnerships in different regions of Europe. The initiative aims to boost the growth of organic animal and plant breeding in Europe by enabling targeted investments in breeding with shared responsibility along the value chain. There is a high demand for organic breeding in both animal and plant production. The” Engagement.Biobreeding” initiative advocates for the development of an integrated funding strategy for animal and plant breeding which avoids competition and promotes cooperation between both organic breeding sectors.

You can help map organic livestock breeding initiatives in Europe. Fill in the survey (download at this LINK) and share it within your network to reach initiatives working on breeding. https://survey.fibl.org/index.php/621422?lang=en

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Source: FIBL