"Vetrina di Bio Bank" second edition: where Italian organic and its products go (IT)


The second edition of "Vetrina di Bio Bank" has now been released. 104 pages to browse, read and consult, a glance on trends, excellence and novelties in the sectore of organic products. The issue includes the "20 Bio Bank trends 2020": from food to cosmetics, products that testify the growth (during the pandemic, sales of organic products grew, in Italy, by 11%) of the demand for live food, active, simple and essential, rich in beneficial properties, with no added sugar, gluten and lactose. And then - among excellence and novelties – the “Vetrina” reports about 130 food products and over 40 cosmetics and detergents, together with information about the companies in the foreground, the certification rules, the Control Bodies and the standards. All within the context of new consumer research to reduce its environmental impact with sustainable choices, even beyond organic.

The two digital editions, in Italian and English, can be consulted at this LINK, while the paper edition is sent to 2,500 organic businesses in Italy (organic shops, organic perfumeries, organic restaurants and supermarket chains with their own organic brand).The contents are also available in the various sections of the biobank.it portal, always in Italian and English. All data are accessible and freely available, in line with the information mission that characterized Bio Bank since its debut in 1993.