A World Alliance on Bio-Districts (IT)


The International Bio-Districts Network “IN.N.E.R.” has signed an important protocol of understanding with the world's largest organic organizations: ALGOA, IFOAM Organics International, IFOAM Asia, IFOAM EU, OFSP, Baltic Foundation.

The agreement stems from the need to make internationally known and spread the experiences of territorial organic products, capable of generating sustainable food systems, through the involvement of all the actors of a specific area.

Building alliances between all continents, creating critical mass, providing some substantial contributions to the activities promoted by the United Nations on sustainable food systems: these are the main objectives that the global alliance on bio-districts intends to achieve.

The meeting took place a few months after the first World Congress of Bio-Districts held in Portugal, which had seen 200 delegates from different continents celebrate the fifteenth "birthday" of the bio-district experience, born and developed in the Italian region of Cilento.

Also this time, the Cilento Bio-District was the protagonist of the meeting held at the Italian Ministry, representing through the intervention of the President Emilio Buonomo the requests from all the Italian ‘organic’ territories, which were born following the guidelines developed in this area of Campania.

All the representatives of the Alliance expressed their willingness to visit the Cilento Bio-district in the near future, to learn the good practices developed: the Mayor of Goesan in South Korea Lee Cha Young, who is also the President of ALGOA (Organization which brings together 240 Asian municipalities), IFOAM Asia President Zhou Zejiang, IFOAM Organics International Vice-President Jennifer Chang, IFOAM EU Director Eduardo Cuoco, Arunas Svitojus of the Baltica Foundation and Jostein Hertwig, CEO of BERAS International and coordinator of the 'OFSP.

The next official meeting of the "World Alliance for Bio-Districts" will be from 21 to 26 September 2020 in Rennes, France, on the occasion of the World Organic Congress.

Source: Portal of Bio-Districts

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