France, Italy, Spain, Germany and the USA: the growth of the organic wine market (IT)


An article published by GreenPlanet reports the recent trends emerging in the European organic wine sector from a study undertaken by Iwsr - International Wine and Spirits Research, presented at MillésimeBio, the famous fair in Montpellier focused on the production and consumption of organic wines in the 5 key markets of France, Italy, Spain, Germany and the USA. In 2018 the organic wine turnover in these markets reached 3.3 billion euros, out of a total wine market of 165.8 billion euros. A trend foreseen in constant growth: from 729 million bottles produced in 2018 it will reach 976 million in 2023, with a share going from 2.6% to 3.5%.,

According to the study, within the reference markets, the consumption of organic red wine will reach 316.2 million bottles in 2023 (+ 48% on 2018), while the white wine will reach 177.5 million bottles (+35 %), and the rosé wines 72.8 million bottles (+ 60%); the organic sparkling wine is supposed to reach 69.5 million bottles (+ 48%). In production terms, considering also all the vineyards in conversion to meet the constantly growing demand, in 2023 Italy's production potential will reach 924 million bottles (+ 30%), that of France 613 million bottles (+ 70%) and that of Spain 599 million bottles (+ 76%).

In the same period, against a 29% increase of the organic vineyards in Italy, for an expected total of 96,320 hectares, Spain and France will register a real exploit, reaching respectively 160,000 hectares (+ 78%) and 115,000 hectares (+ 76%).

Looking at the individual countries, in 2021 France will become the first world consumer of organic wines, maintaining its leadership until 2023, when it will reach 195.4 million bottles (+ 71% on 2018), ahead of Germany (170 million bottles , + 25%), the United States (95 million bottles, + 61%), Italy (61.1 million bottles, + 26%) and Spain (37.8 million bottles, + 125%), while the bottles consumed in the rest of the world will reach 408 million (+ 21%).

By market share, in 2023 France will represent 20.2% of the consumption of organic wines in the world, Germany 17.6%, the United States 9.8% and Great Britain 9.3%. Italy, for its part, unlike France, is and will be mainly an exporting country: in 2018 the share of organic wine consumed was just 11.8%, and it is foreseen to drop to 9.3% in 2023, with an export share reaching 90.7%. Dynamics similar to that of Spain, where the trend is however the opposite: between 2018 and 2023 the share of organic wine on the national market will decrease from 9% to 11%. In France, on the contrary, the share of organic wine that remains within the borders will rise from 58% to 64%, while the export share, in 2023, will drop to 36%.

Source: GreenPlanet


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