A new alliance between organic fairs: "The Organic Trade Fairs Alliance" (IT)


B / Open, the event organized by Veronafiere  (1-3 April 2020), together with Bio-Beurs (Zwolle-Holland, 22-23 January 2020), Organic & Natural Products Expo (Johannesburg-South Africa, 8-10 May 2020) and Natexpo (Lyon-France, 21-22 September 2020) has created a new international alliance, "The Organic Trade Fairs Alliance", which unites the Italian and foreign organic B2B fairs.

It is a global platform and a knowledge exchange forum, which aims to provide support to the sector of organic agriculture, the one of natural cosmetics, and the organic food industry with a well-defined goal: to disseminate and support a nutrition and personal care model focused on healthy and healthiness,  care of the environment and climate and respect for workers. The new international alliance, which will be consolidated in 2020, wants to support the organic sector through synergistic promotional actions, systematising the transversal skills and knowledge acquired by the different international partners.

B / Open is the first exclusively B2B fair in Italy, aimed at operators of certified organic food and natural self-care. Sponsored by Aiab (Italian Association of Organic Agriculture) and the Veneto Region and supported by Ass.O.Cert.Bio (Association of Italian Organic Certification Bodies), Bioagricert (Control and Organic Certification Body), Ccpb (Consortium for the Control of Organic Products) . In the organic food segment, nutraceutical, dietetic products, supplements, pet food, services, ecological packaging will also be represented; ingredients for organic products, but also wellness products; beauty and personal care will include cosmetics, natural treatments, medicinal plants and derivatives, products for health and personal care, services. B / Open will also introduce an interactive format, with numerous networking and training moments, exclusively dedicated to producers, processors and professional operators.

According to the latest available data released by Fibl (Swiss organic agriculture research institute) and related to 2017, the global organic chain has achieved a turnover of 92 billion euros, with 70 million hectares cultivated by 2.9 million of producers. In Italy, the organic sector employs 76,000 holdings, develops a turnover of 3.6 billion euros and represents approximately 4% of the Italians overall food expenditure. Alongside the agro-food sector, the organic cosmetics market is also experiencing a period of economic growth. According to the latest data from ‘Cosmetica Italia’, the green turnover in 2017 of the companies reached 1 billion euros, equal to 9.5% of the Italian cosmetic turnover (10.9 billion euros).

Source: Verona Fiere