“IFOAM EU meets business - bringing the organic food industry together”, an event in Brussels (IT)


With this event, IFOAM EU continues its series of IFOAM EU meets business events which bring together IFOAM EU and companies involved in organic. These events are open to the whole supply chain (including processors, traders, retailers, and certifiers), and include IFOAM EU members, their members and companies interested in organic (IFOAM EU meets business is therefore an event intended for companies directly). Participants may include companies who are transitioning towards organic food and farming, e.g. processing companies who have started organic lines, retailers who have started selling organic products and traders and wholesalers who are dealing with organic food and farming. The series of events IFOAM EU meets business are first and foremost meant as a platform for exchange.

The agenda currently foresees topics such as the new organic regulation, as well as the consequences of Brexit on trade of organic products and the issue of pesticide residues in organic products.
By December we will have a more detailed idea of the texts of the secondary legislation; subtopics could be: certification, controls, imports. This event is to discuss about policy-related topics, not a business fair.

The deadline for confirming attendance to this event is the 10th of November.
Please note that a participation fee will be required, which varies depending on the membership category. For the event:
- Not IFOAM EU member: €250 (VAT excluded)
- Member of a member: €150 (VAT excluded)
- Member: €100 (VAT excluded)
- Association member of IGOP: free
For the dinner on the 2nd of December: €40 (VAT excluded), independent of membership category.

More information  and participation subsription HERE

3 December 2019 from 10h to 17h; Brussels (L42, close to Arts Loi metro station)

Source: Ifoam EU