Bio-Districts: the results of the First World Congress (IT)


Fifteen years ago, in 2004, the Cilento Bio-District was born, the first in Italy. Since then the protagonists of the bio-district experience have proceeded to codify it and export it to many other areas, thanks to the establishment of the international network of bio-districts (IN.N.E.R.). Today in Italy alone there are 32 bio-districts (or ‘ecoregions’ as they are called abroad) and others were born in France, Austria, Spain and Portugal. Africa, China, Brazil and Japan are also working on this model of sustainable land management, based on organic farming and agroecology.

To celebrate 15 years of bio-districts, the First World Congress was organized in Portugal, in Idanha a Nova, promoted within the FISAS - International Forum on territories relevant to sustainable food systems, a container of important events on sustainable development. Besides the World Congress of bio-districts, the World Rural Innovation Forum, the International Seminar on World Agricultural Heritage (GIAHS) and the Laboratory on Local Public Policies for Food Sustainability were also held.

It is possible to download the schedule of events, all interconnected, the press release, photos and the reports presented in Portugal to the following LINK.

Source: Portale dei Bio-Distretti

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