ISPRA: the new Environmental Data Yearbook 2018 (IT)


ISPRA, the Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, has presented the 2018 edition of the Environmental Data Yearbook,  the result of complex and articulated research including multiple phases: from the systematic collection of primary data to monitoring and control, from the verification of solidity scientific information to the development of statistical indicators that are increasingly effective in describing the Italian environmental conditions. The Yearbook, with a core set of 306 indicators for a total of 150,000 updated data, represents a useful and complete tool of knowledge for citizens, experts and policy makers. The present edition also includes the report "Data on the Environment", with a selection and synthesis of the themes and environmental indicators in line with the objectives of the VII Environmental Action Program of the European Environment Agency.  

ENVIRONMENTAL DATA YEARBOOK - 2018 Edition (in Italian)

The document can be downloaded to the LINK

Source: ISPRA