Organic fruit cultivation: new information on current developments thanks to experimental tests (IT)


The Laimburg Research Center (Alto-Adige) hosted in August the traditional presentation of activities and results achieved in organic fruit farming sector. Over 200 stakeholders took part in the event to learn about new research developments in this fast-growing sector in Italy. In fact, these presentations of experimental test results are organized each year, together with the Edmund Mach Foundation of San Michele all'Adige (Trento). The event is divided between the two institutions: during the morning there are reports and visits to the experimental fields in San Michele (on viticulture) and in the afternoon presentetions  continue in the Laimburg Center (on fruit cultivation). The event in Laimburg was managed by the head of the Organic  Agriculture working group, Markus Kelderer. This year it focused on agrobiodiversity (EcoOrchard - a project for an improved biodiversity), sustainable land management (DOMINO, a project for sustainable soil management), the efficacy of some bio-stimulants (Bioactivators under test) and the containment of fungal pathogens in fruit-culture (Pathogens in fruit-growing).

In the morning, the San Michele Foundation had focused on viticulture with a technical meeting on the topic and  field visit to the experimental fields for the new tests undertaken.

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Source: Centro Sperimentazione Laimburg and Fondazione Edmund Mach