Ukraine: new rules for organic farming (IT)


With the adoption of the law on "Basic Principles and Requirements for Production, Circulation and Labelling of Organic Products", Ukraine has introduced a clear state control mechanism to monitor the activities of organic operators and certification bodies. Among other things, the new legislation has established the consequences of the law violations, whose compliance will be implemented through both planned and unplanned controls. In particular, monitoring of organic products placed on the market will be implemented to prevent the bring out of non-organic products labelled as organic; checks will be carried out on certification bodies and selective checks on operators. The production and circulation of organic products will be controlled by both the State and the certification bodies.

The placing on the market or the sale of organic products without a corresponding certificate will be punishable with a fine of five minimum wages (in the case of individual producers) or of eight minimum wages. Based on the minimum wage set for 2018, this translates into approximately 18.615 UAH and 29.784 UAH, respectively (576.57 and 922.72 Euro). For violation of the law, the control bodies as well will be punished with a fine of five to twenty-four minimum wages.

Owners of trademarks including the words "organic", "bio", "eco", etc., according to the new rules, will have the right to use these definitions within 18 months from the date of entry into force of the law on organic production. After 2 February 2020, the use of these definitions will only be possible upon the presence of a valid certificate issued by an institution recorded in the register of control and certification authorities.


Source: Fresh Plaza