Demeter Italia: soon a new document to facilitate the adaptation to standards (IT)


The Demeter Italia Association has recently organized a working group to carry out a project to improve the activity of Italian biodynamic farmers. The aim of the working group is to provide farmers with useful information so that they can apply Demeter standards in a coherent and homogeneous manner, making use of derogations only when deemed necessary. As pointed out by Alois Lageder, president of the association, the Demeter standard is the same for all biodynamic farmers around the world, and therefore represents a general reference point that national associations cannot modify independently. But what is possible at national level is to specify and detail some Demeter standards that are sometimes difficult to apply for Italian farms and, where needed, make them more stringent. These requirements may include, for instance, green manure, biodynamic manure heap, the presence of livestock, the correct use of the equipment for the conservation, dynamization and distribution of biodynamic preparations, the use of seeds and organic or biodynamic seedlings.  As soon as it will be ready, the document in preparation will be sent to all Demeter's associated farmers who will have the opportunity to make observations before it will officially be approved.

It will still be possible to operate by way of derogation, but this will be allowed only for cases of small or very small holdings and for those located in particular territories, such as those operating in the high mountains. Of course, holdings already certified having to comply with the provisions of the technical document will be granted the necessary time to do so: for example, the farms without livestock will have 3 to 5 years to comply with the new requirements. According to Lageder, the indications that will be present in the document will be useful not only for the farms already included in the Demeter system, but also for the many holdings willing to convert to biodynamic agriculture. On the other hand, maintaining the high quality standards of biodynamic products means to rigorously follow the production techniques applied, "and only in this way we can achieve - concludes the president - what is reported in our mission: keep alive the evolution of knowledge, techniques and growth of every farmer as a man, citizen and responsible for the life of our planet ".

Source: Demeter Italia