TUTTO BIO: the new 2018 edition (IT)


The new 2018 edition of "Tutto Bio", the Bio Bank historical publication, at its 24th edition, is now in the shops. In all these years the Bio Bank mission has always remained the same: to collect, organize and process information on the various “organic” activities in Italy, contributing to a shared description of reality. A timely work, spread among paper, digital and web, over 300 pages of the paper book and over 100 of the digital extract (downloadable HERE).

In the year dedicated to Italian food by the Ministries of agriculture and Cultural heritage, "Tutto Bio" has chosen as its theme innovation, the driving force behind organic, food and non-food products. To highlight that in the heart of the 'Made in Italy' there is the 'Made in Bio'. Because organic has in itself the incentive for innovation.

The 2018 edition includes 10 stories (narrated by the protagonists) telling about innovative products, but it is also dedicated to the bio-anniversaries of 2018, as the 40 years since the birth of Probios, 40 for La Finestra sul Cielo, 30 for Sana, 30 for Ccpb, 25 for Bio Bank. Italian food comes up on the top, with Italian raw materials or regions of Italy or territories that create and build bio-dedicated supply chains. Legumes emerge strongly as a precious ingredient that is absolutely horizontal in all categories: pasta, soups, couscous, burgers, snacks, chips and even biscuits. The legumes are the perfect interpreters of the new food styles supporting the use of  vegetable proteins, gluten-free food, and the functional qualities of the food itself. And the long wave of superfood does not stop.

The yearbook reports 11,000 Italian activities linked to organic farming, including detailed information on Fairs, Direct Sales Associations, Bio-Boxes, Farms, Buying Groups, Shops, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Agritourisms, Food, Control Bodies, Companies, Social and educational Farms , Central and Fair Trade companies, Cosmetics, catering and school canteens, and more.

Lastly, the yearbook includes the "Bio Bank Card", whose use gives the right to a 10% discount on a list of additional 656 reserved activities: Restaurants, Agritourisms, Farms with direct sales, Shops, Perfumes and more.


TUTTO BIO - The organic yearbook - 24th edition

Edited by Rosa Maria Bertino, Achille Mingozzi, Emanuele Mingozzi

Published by Bio Bank | 312 pages | 16 euros | Format 16.5 x 23.5 cm

(Printed on ecological paper, saving 37 trees)


Source: Bio Bank