Spain: MAPAMA publishes the "Strategy for organic production 2018-2020" (IT)


The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and the Environment has developed, in response to the needs of the organic sector, a "Strategy for organic production 2018-2020" with the aim to strengthen this strategic Spanish agro-food production sector and its adaptation to the market  trends, in conjunction with the new recently approved European regulatory framework.

The Strategy objective is to merge various actions managed by the different Units of the Ministry, together with elements made by other parties involved in organic production, including specific sector, producer organizations, processors, distribution, associations of consumers, researchers and public administrations.

The Ministry asked all stakeholders to be informed about the priorities of the sector, together with the realities of the national and international market, so as to adapt to all the type of requests. For this reason, in addition to the meetings of the National Committee on organic farming, the Department organized a seminar in June 2017, where a draft document was presented to the Autonomous Communities and to the representatives of the sector. Then, through four specific working groups, it was possible to discuss, refine and reach an agreement on the four general objectives proposed for the support to the Spanish organic production in the period 2018-2020. These objectives are:

- To promote internal consumption and improve marketing of organic products. The Strategy proposes to launch a series of elements of information, dissemination and promotion focused on the recognition of these agri-food products by the consumer, as well as on other actions more focused on certain types of consumers and specific groups.

- Contribute to a better sectoral structure of organic production. The Ministry will continue to work on strengthening the structure of the sector. To implement this, all the possible formulas will be studied, together with representatives of the sector and the autonomous Communities, with the aim of exploring new measures aimed at promoting the functioning of the organic food chain, in particular the integration of the offer of organic products , which will enable farmers and breeders to improve their negotiating position.

- Support the growth and consolidation of organic production, with particular attention to animal husbandry and the processing sector. The strategy aims to promote knowledge of the characteristics of organic production in livestock and aquaculture, to encourage their growth. It will also foster harmonious growth in the food and beverage industries.

- Study the role of organic production in environmental policy and its adaptation to climate change. The actions to be promoted by the Department in the field of organic farming should be in line with the challenge of the entire Spanish agro-food system, which is to seek greater integration of environmental aspects and to fight against climate change.

The Strategy, which was designed taking into account the distribution of powers between the Department, comprises a total of 113 concrete development actions, structured into 36 strategic lines aimed at responding to the four objectives defined.

The complete document can be downloaded at the following LINK

Source: Ministerio de Agricultura y Pesca, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente