“bioC”: a new global certification directory (IT)


IFOAM - Organics International has recently established a partnership with "bioC", a platform where Control and Certification Bodies (CBs) from all over the world can publish their certified operators' data using secure interfaces. Since it is only the CBs that enter data, fraudulent operators can not display false certificates.

The system can be used by certified operators, CBs, traders, government officials, consumers and any other stakeholders to verify the "organic" status of any given operation, and it allows the user to keep customized lists of organic suppliers, and get informed when the certification status changes. Data is strictly protected based on user specific permissions.

The "bioC" platform can work in multiple languages and can be detailed for any given government regulation or existing private standard. Searches can be performed on the basis of operators, countries and standards /regulations.

"BioC" currently includes over 100,000 organic certificates in its system, which refer to over 80,000 certified operators and their certified products based on government regulations and private standards. The associated certification bodies are 42. The high number of certificates registered in the system shows, among other things, its broad applicability, accessibility and usefulness to ensure the conformity of the organic products marketed.

You can learn more at “bioC” and at IFOAM - Organics International

Source: “bioC” e IFOAM