Nomisma: Italian organic market figures (IT)

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At MACFRUT BIO in Cesena Nomisma presented an analysis of the organic fruit market in Italy and Germany, a sector that has always been an important dietary element in families. In 2016, the consumption of fruit and vegetables in Italy grew in volume by 2.2% compared to 2015 (over  9 million tons sold in all channels, 152 kg consumed per capita), an encouraging sign compared to the negative trend recorded in recent years. Even though Germany does not enjoy the same food tradition and does not have the strong Italian production vocation, it has seen a raise in  its consumption in the last year (+ 1.3% and almost 9 million tons of sales, corresponding to 107 kg per capita).

Within the fruit and vegetable basket, organic fruit has a great success and is increasingly appreciated by consumers.   Nielsen data indicate that in Italy sales of prepackaged organic fruit and vegetables (until March 2017) reached 147 million euro in the supermarkets only, marking a jump of +28% over the previous year, compared with a +9 % of fruit and vegetable sales in general.

Fresh organic fruit has always played a decisive role in organic product sales (around 11% on the total of organic sales in the supermarkets) and has more market potential (organic sales account for 4.4% of total sales  of fruit and vegetables), given the increasing interest of the consumer.

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Source: Nomisma