Regione Lazio: Castel di Guido organic estate looks at the future (IT)


Castel di Guido is an important estate of the “Agro Romano”, extended for more than 2,000 hectares, falling within the “Riserva Statale del Litorale Romano -  Roman Coastal State Reserve”, of high environmental and productive interest, where organic cultivation of cereals and forage crops takes place, as well as the breeding of Maremma cows, the production of PDO meat of Maremma veal, and organic milk, honey and olive oil. Located in the outskirts of Rome, it is visited but people who want to enjoy a walk in a well preserved natural environment and buy fresh organic products. 


In order not to disperse this important asset, the Lazio regional authority signed a cooperation agreement with ARSIAL (the Regional Agency for Agriculture development and innovation in Lazio), the Tuscia University, Roma Capitale and MiPAAF, promoting a meeting with local groups and social forces of the area concerned with the issue of valorising the estate, launching at the same time a public consultation.


During the meeting, in particular, both the regional administration and the different realities present highlighted the will to find new homogeneous and multifunctional management strategies for this extraordinary regional asset; to focus on the conservation of its natural capital and the further valorization of the farming operated with the organic method; to enhance the archaeological resources in the area and to involve associations and people in order to protect not only the current employment, but also to increase it as well as the satellite activities.  


Fonte: Regione Lazio



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