Stevia rebaudiana and pet food: the Mipaaf notes (IT)


We publish (in Italian) the following notes:

- No. 58591 of 26 July 2016 - clarification about the correct use of the term 'organic' for the Stevia rebaudiana which essentially reiterates a previous note on the same subject published in May 2012;

- No. 59044 of 27 July 2016 - disposal of packaging materials and labels printed before the entry into force of the national standards for "pet food", extending for a further 12 the deadline set by a previous note  in (April 2016), extending the deadline for the disposal of this material to 25 September 2017.


Note no 58591 of 26 July 2016

Note no 59044 of 27 July 2016


Source: Mipaaf