A meeting at EXPO: Organic in your plate - Organic cooperation and catering (IT)


What is the effective dissemination of organic products and menus in the Italian catering, which are the existing experiences around the country and the most "virtuous" regions? What does the national legislation foresee and what can it be done to increase the diffusion of organic menus in canteens, schools, hospitals, stimulating the demand for the use of organic products by large cooperative groups operating in the catering sector? Questions that will be debated, all along with the presentation of "virtuous" business cases, in a special event at EXPO Milano .

At the opening of the event, presentation of the book on the life of Gino Girolomoni, founder of the first Italian organic cooperative.

www.fedagri.confcooperative.it  is the site where it is possible to register for the event by filling in the form in order to have the entrance ticket to EXPO

The programme

Wednesday, 30 September 2015, from 15.00 to 17.00
Auditorium Cascina Triulza
EXPO Milano 2015