MiDI2015 Milan Demonstrative Initiatives (IT)


Next 13 july CREA, the Italian Council for Research in Agriculture and analysis of the Agrarian Economy, organizes in Milan a side Expo Milan event on "Innovative solutions for the food processing, storage, security and control of raw materials and products". Participation is free but, for organizational and security reasons, a registration at annamaria.stellari@entecra.it is requested.

The event will take place at CREA's headquarters in Milan,  Via Giacomo Venezian 26.

The MIDI (Milan Demonstrative Initiatives) initiative aims at transferring innovative solutions from public research to EXPO visitors in a context seeking at a synergistic action of public and private partners to support the competitiveness relaunch of micro, small and medium-sized Italian and foreign enterprises, as well as the dissemination of knowledge.

The day is dedicated to an audience made up of enterprises and private companies operating in the agribusiness sector, in the agritourism sector, in restaurants and  control of processes and products, with the aim of transferring adequate, correct and up to date information about the latest research developments in the field. Information helpful to boost the company's competitiveness.

From 26 May to 31 October 2015 a PERMANENT POINT OUTDOOR EVENT for EXPO 2015 will be open, entry hours 8:00 to 17:00, with free access. 

Source: CREA






Dal 26 maggio al 31 ottobre 2015 sarà allestito, nell’atrio della struttura, un PERMANENT POINT OUTDOOR EVENT per EXPO 2015, entrata libera ore 8.00-17.00


Dal 26 maggio al 31 ottobre 2015 - PERMANENT POINT OUTDOOR EVENT per EXPO 2015.