At EXPO Milano: BioSicilia! A new model of sustainable development (IT)


The purpose of the conference is to introduce to the "System BioSicilia", from the structural point of view and from its impact on the Italian and European market, including the participation of qualified international buyers, as well as researchers and regional farm owners.

The second part of the activity (3 and 4 July) foresees a series of visits to organic citrus farms (orange, grapefruit, clementine) in Sicily of foreign buyers, always organized through the Sicilian Region. In particular, the meeting on Friday 3 July will take place at the Farm Albiato G. Cataldo  of Lentini, near Siracusa, 43 ha. 

Saturday, 4 July  is the visit will take place to the OP "Bio Sikelia" specialized in organic fruit and vegetables, then the buyers' visit will continue at  Agriturismo La Casa Di Melo, always near  Siracusa

All  Sicilian organic operators are invited to participate. At the end of the visit, they will also have the chance to present their organic productions bio and all the related information.

To subscribe to the visits and meetings:


Pietro Miosi
U.O. 35 Promozione, Assessorato regionale Agricoltura
Mob.: (+39) 320 8598443
Francesco Ancona
Mob.: (+39) 338 9005028