EXPO: "Organic production, research and innovation: setting priorities for the future." (IT)


The European Commission is organizing a conference on "Organic production, research and innovation: setting priorities for the future", calling on researchers and, above all, agricultural holdings, to present their experiences in research and innovation to help set priorities for the future in this field. Joao Onofre, responsible of the Organic Farming Unit at the European Commission said: "We're looking for organic farmers or consultants of organic companies interested in actively  participating in the conference. They will help set priorities for research and innovation in the organic sector. "

Those wishing to attend should express their interest by writing to this email address: AGRI-B4@ec.europa.eu

Proposals for participation must arrive by 25 March. Those who are chosen to participate will receive an official invitation. All costs of travel and stay in Milan will be covered by the European Commission.

The conference will shed light on the needs and priorities of research in the field of organic farming and will have to provide the necessary input to the European Commission to develop its policy of research and innovation in this sector.

In addition to the plenary session, there will be five parallel sessions on the following topics:

1. Crops, including issues of soil and plant protection;

2. Seeds;

3. Livestock production, including breeding, feeding, aquaculture;

4. The processing of food and feed;

5. The means to stimulate the exchange of knowledge.


The conference is organized for 28 and 29 May, as part of the EXPO Milano.

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Source: EIP-AGRI