Important initiatives for EXPO 2015 (IT)


Two important events related to the forthcoming EXPO-Milano were held in Rome on 26 and 28 January.

The first took place at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation:  a technical seminar, organized by CIHEAM-IAMB and Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with the Ministry and EXPO, presented a Policy Paper on the role of knowledge for food security in the Mediterranean. The Paper, shared with stakeholders from all the Mediterranean countries, includes some key recommendations for the creation and development of an effective system of sharing and dissemination of good agricultural practices in the area, aimed at strengthening food security. The Policy Paper will be part of the EXPO-Milano 2015 legacy.

On January 28, CNR (the Italian National Research Council) presented, with the participation of the Ministers of Agriculture and of Education, the rich program of events  that the Council will undertake at the Italian Pavilion during the six months of EXPO 2015. The events include crucial issues, ranging from innovation in agriculture to the value of biodiversity, from Mediterranean diet to food waste and "food print" .

CNR activities

Feeding the Mediterranean through knowledge - Towards Expo Milano 2015 legacy

Source: Mipaaf/CIEAM-IAMB

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