“Greenhouse and organic horticulture: a meeting with operators”, by Gianni Avvantaggiato. (IT)

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In recent years, organic horticultural activities in protected environment have played an increasingly important role both at Italian and foreign level. For this reason, organic production in the greenhouse must comply with the criteria and principles of organic production in the open field, and  greenhouse production systems must have excellent performances in terms of energy, water and soil consumption as these are fundamental sustainability elements. 

The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (CIHEAM-MAIB) dedicated a specific training initiative to this subject, " BIOSEMED - Organic Production Systems in Greenhouse ". The meeting was organized also with the support of CRA-RPS of Rome and the University of Bologna. Funded by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, the meeting was attended by farmers and operators. During the meeting, attendees were guided to greenhouses of the MAIB experimental fields, where they experimented "in the field" the tested study methods. The visit was followed by speeches and debates on the meeting issues. 

The BIOSEMED Project compares three organic production systems characterized by the implementation of three different systems of soil fertility management, coupled with the proper management of irrigation systems. The project in particular foresees to apply the principles of agro-ecology even in protected environment, checking what could be the production system able to ensure the greater synchronicity between the availability of nutrients and the needs of the crop, as well as  a correct management of the water resource.  

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