ICQRF : now published the 2013 Report on activities of Italian agri-food products protection (IT)


It is now online the Report on the activities carried out by ICQRF- the Central Inspectorate for agri-food products Quality Protection and  Fraud Repression in order to safeguard the Italian agri-food heritage. 

In 2013, ICQRF performed  over 36,000 inspections and analyzed in its laboratories 9,500 samples, while controlling 24,000 operators and 55,000 products. Among its important operations carried out in the same year, ICQRF  fighted against the counterfeiting of imported organic products,  in particular through the operation named "Green War". Investigations showed that some products imported from Turkey, India and Ukraine were falsely certified abroad as organic. 

All ICQRF activities fall under the organic farming national guarantee system. 

The Report





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