"International Symposium on Organic Agriculture and the Mediterranean Distinguishing Quality related origin."


The workshop is organized by multiple bodies: Agronomic and Veterinary Institute Hassan II (Agadir, Morocco),  FiBL (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (Frick, Switzerland), the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (Italy), the Moroccan Association of Organic Farming (Casablanca, Morocco), the Association Agrotechnology Souss Massa Draa (Agadir, Morocco) and the Trade Network - Sustainable Development (Lausanne, Switzerland), in collaboration with the World Health Organization Food and Nutrition (WHO ), the National Institute of Agronomic Research (Morocco), the Regional Council of Souss Massa Draa, the National Agency for the Development Zones oasis and Argan, the Regional Office of Agricultural Development of Souss Massa The Mediterranean Network of Organic Agriculture (Italy) and the Agricultural Cooperative COPAG (Taroudant, Morocco).

The objectives are different: to make the point of the status of research and development activities, to review the progress made in the certification of local products through labels and trademarks referred to lacol productions, to identify future challenges, discuss multiple labeling. The intention is also to work at the creation of a platform for dialogue and exchange between researchers, scientists and decision makers, expanding exchanges with ethno-biological themes, and including the relationship among diet, organic farming, productions of origin (like European PDO, PGI) and the Mediterranean identity.

The plenary sessions will work on nutrition, diet and cancer prevention with Professor Henri Joyeux (Faculty of Medicine, Montpellier; international cooperation in the field of organic agriculture with Dr.  Cosimo Lacirignola (IAM Bari, Italy); organic research with Prof. Dr. Urs Niggli (FiBL, Switzerland); and experience of the Mediterranean organic farming and local products with Dr. Florence Tartanac (FAO, Rome).

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Agadir, Maroc

Agadir (Marocco)

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